our mission


In January 2023, Onschain was launched by some team of developers with the aim of solving blockchain finance for everyone. The goal was to bring mobile apps to the masses and create a platform that enables a brand to design, launch and manage an app without the need for coding or development work.

Token Economy

You can create new businesses and tokens using Smart Contracts.


Worldwide Blockchain Web

Individual data is encrypted and stored in a distributed network, provided where the data is necessary, and rewarded to individual according to contribution (next-generation blockchain-based Internet).



Blockchain verification service can be used with simple interworking without building a separate blockchain.



ready to launch


Supports a connection between existing Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Technology License

Strategy to license the excellent technology of Onschain.

payment verification

Maximum security with payment verification systems.

Digital Assets

You can easily create digital assets to better monetize traditional financial instruments, gain access to a global investor audience, and improve liquidity.

Decentralized Finance

DeFi is a new financial system that allows everyone to earn money in new ways globally. With DeFi, anyone in the world can use all the financial tools.

Tokenized Real Estate

Digitalization and fractionalization of real estate make secondary markets more liquid and attract new investors, better access to real estate investments for individuals.

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